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The total cost of laser scar removal will depend on the number of treatment sessions required to remove the scar, and can often run $100′s of dollars for a treatment. Your physician will discuss the estimated cost and number of treatments required to remove your specific scar. Your physician may also discuss possible package and financing options with you. The factors that will determine the number of treatments may be the size of the scar, the part of the body on which the scar is located, and the colors used in the scar.

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You may be asking yourself if medical insurance may cover this expense. Generally it doesn’t as laser scar removal is typically considered a cosmetic procedure. If your scar is a “trauma scar”, a scar caused during an accident, then you may want to contact your insurance provider and discuss your options.

Low-Cost Providers

These days it seems there are a number of cheap “laser surgeons” offering discount laser surgery. There are no “deals” in laser medicine. Unlike buying a car, or some other commodity, laser medicine is MEDICINE. Its critical to go to a qualified provider.